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Begin Right @Vidyarambh®
The International Preschool & Childcare Center

The USP of Vidyarambh® is subtle and is hidden in the fabric of our philosophies, our approach to education and our standard operating procedures. While we have received many compliments on the name, our motto - Preparing for Life - is the mantra. We believe that it is critical that children "Begin Right" and so, Vidyarambh® is THE place for niche young parents who are particular about uncompromised quality and professionalism, a comprehensive curriculum along with the holistic development of their child. Parents today are looking for a good preschool, not just any preschool. People are looking for quality childcare, not just any daycare.

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✓ Comprehensive & Structured curriculum

✓ School Admission Preparation Program

✓ Nutritious In-house Meal Plans

✓ Integrated Activity Schedule at Childcare

✓ Standard Operating Procedures

✓ Strict Quality Control Mechanisms

✓ Teacher Training Academy

֍ Vidyarambh invited on TV5 News channel to present our concept and expansion plans.

֍ "Green Drive" by Vidyarambh - Kids plant trees under teachers' guidance.

֍ "Fun & Learning in Vidyarambh" - in Cityplus Newspaper.

֍ "Window to the world - for a child to marvel" - Metro Plus Newsdesk

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For kids from 6 months to 8 years old
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  • Pranav has been in daycare for only the last 15 days. We are already seeing a huge change in him since he started going to Vidyarambh®. He is becoming independent, very talkative & has started to eat by himself. Thank you so much from all of us.

    Father of Pranav
  • Ishvi started here just a week ago, and has been enjoying herself. The teachers have given a very accurate review of her skills & behavior, making me feel very good about the level of attention given to each student. The PTA was a very pleasant surprise experience keep up the good work.

    Divya mother of Ishvi
  • Anoushka has been coming here for the past two weeks & she is thoroughly enjoying herself. We are graceful to the teachers who take such care in imparting knowledge.

    Father of Anoushka
  • Ananya has been in Vidyarambh® for more than 3 months & there is a visible improvement in language skills & social behavior. Thanks for all the efforts.

    Father of Ananya
  • Nikki thoroughly enjoys school. Vidyarambh® is a great place to begin education/social activities. A special thanks to her teachers for showing personal attention & genuine interest in kids.

    Mother of Nivedita
  • Vritika has been in Vidyarambh® since day one when it started. She has learnt a lot of things about the world & things around her. The teacher & director are very nice & friendly. Care towards the children is more. She enjoys school very much & knows when school is open & when it is a holiday.

    Father of Loafers Vritika
  • Jianna seems to evolving as a good person after joining school. Her social skills & the knowledge have grown leaps & bounds since joining school.

    Father of Jianna
  • Sidhu has been in Vidyarambh® for the past 3-4 months. We are noticing a lot of changes in him an infant to a little boy. He understands a lot of things & has picked up the linguistic skills. Amazingly he loves the aunties at school & loves a lot of his friends at school. One thing he has really started showing interest in is-reading books. Thanks Vidyarambh® & keep up the good work.

    Mother of Siddharth
  • Muskaan has recently joined Vidyarambh® & she likes it a lot. Every morning (even on weekends) she wants to go to school. She loves going to school. We are also getting good feedback from teachers about the activities & growth pattern.

    Father of Muskaan
  • Nathan has learnt quite a bit after joining Vidyarambh®. He loves to play with the Megan doodle & comes up with various ideas. He makes sure not to dirty the house & picks up paper or any other unwanted stuff from the floor to be thrown in the bin. He has learnt a lot of rhymes. He loves his teachers & during the evening prayers prays for his teachers. Thank you Vidyarambh® for making him more disciplined & encouraging him to learn. His fired school experience-I am sure has built a strong foundation for his life.

    Mother of Nathan
  • Schools arrangements, process, teachers explanation about kid are nice. I am pleased to have my kid part of Vidyarambh®.

    Komal mother of Tavishi
  • The school staff is excellent and Day care is as well very Good. We are happy with Vidyarambh®. Thank you.

    K Shashikant father of Shriya
  • I feel Hiyaa has adjusted nicely to the culture and new environment around her. Thanks to the staff and teachers for taking such good care of my child. Heartiest Congratulations!! On running this institute successfully in such a short time span.

    Gunjan father of Hiyaa
  • All the people in the School are very co-operative and caring. Coming to school has helped her to get into a regular routine, socialize and develop intelligence (IQ, EQ).

    Namya Bhatnagar
  • Vidyarambh® is doing a very good job in bringing up the kid. Now, my kid really loves going to school!! All are very cooperative and caring.